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First Daffs

First Daffs
Oil on Linen

The weather! Goodness me talk about sublime to the ridiculous. Saturday was like a spring day here in North Norfolk. Sunny, warmish and clear blue skies. The birds in my garden outside the studio were in fine voice. It was a lovely day. However, given the warnings in the forecast I did suspect that it was the calm before the storm scheduled to reach us on Sunday.

In the early hours of Sunday morning the wind woke me a couple of times and at breakfast it was rattling fence panels and bending my flowering cherry tree to 90 degrees. It continued like this for most of the day blowing dead branches off the massive eucalyptus which towers over my studio onto the roof. Then just after 3pm it really got angry. I half expected one of the larger branches of the eucalyptus to cave the roof in at any minute. But by six when I headed back up the garden to the houseĀ it was reasonably quiet. The sky was clear and the full moon shone so bright you could have read by its light.

And today snow!

All around the world we are experiencing freak weather conditions – evidence of climate change seems inescapable . . .

. . . It’s blowing in the wind.

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