I have the pleasure of owning two of Nick’ s beautiful paintings and plan to own many more. I just think his work is stunning!

Debbie Clinton – Norfolk UK

A talented artist with an eye for beauty in the warm and simple aesthetic. Delightful works which would enhance any home or wall space and a charming and humble man.

Jo Hillam – Norwich UK

Nick has an extraordinary ability to paint ordinary flowers and objects in an original and fresh way, bringing joy to each day as sunflowers and daisies greet me over the breakfast table.

Jane Clarke – Bedford UK

I’ve followed and enjoyed Nicks work for several years now. I’ve become a great fan and an avid collector of his work. His use of colour, composition and balance are just as lovely as his serendipitous choice of title. I am also quite PROUD to call him ‘friend’ after all these years

Kathy Leib – Indiana USA

We are fortunate to have collected a few of Nick’s paintings over the years and never tire of them. His application of classical methods, light and style to contemporary subjects constantly breathes real life into his still life.

David Wilson – London UK

Absolutely love my painting, the composition and richness of colour against a dark background creates such a realistic feel and it draws me in every time I look at it….this is an artist to watch, thank you so much!

Belinda Lee – Tunbridge Wells UK

I love Nick’s paintings. They always lift my spirits. Beautiful renditions of the wonders of nature, frozen in time for eternal pleasure!

Claire Butcher – London UK

I have been a collector of Nicks paintings for many years, his still-life paintings adorn our kitchen and make us smile on a daily basis….

Jeremy JJ Edgell – Somerset UK

An empty space idles by the lintel over the kitchen fireplace, one more Nick Elliot and the tryptic is complete. The first from Nick’s early ‘dutch master’ period, the second a Cornishware piece … magical, with morning tea.

Clive Jones – Finistere France

I love Nick’s combination of modern composition of everyday objects with classical style

Marilyn Grindley – Lewes UK