Staying Put

Staying Put
8″x 12″
Oil on Canvas

I often think that there is a bittersweet narrative in a lonely abandoned boat. I have walked past this one which lies out on the coast here countless times. It’s always there at high tide and low and goodness knows for how many years.

If it could, I wonder what memories it would recount. Would it tell of trips out on rough winter seas in the chilling north winds? or lazily days drifting on gentle stillwaters in balmy summers? Perhaps returning from successful fishing trips with herring and seabass? or taking excited children on a thrilling trip out to see the seals? Maybe playing host to a courting couple meandering around the channels in the marshes in the golden evening sunshine?

The boat remains here though in the same spot exposed to the seasons and an simply witnessing passers by; Dog walkers, anglers, families and children . . . all of them taking other craft out to sea nowadays.

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