Sound and Vision

8″ x 15″
Oil on Linen
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I moved into my studio about this time last year and because I like to listen to music while I work I took with me my CD collection. For some time now I have been trying to create more space in my studio. I have been doing in the studio what I do when I move home. I initially put furniture and things in what appear to be the most appropriate places and then move them into what are evidently more practical spots at a later date. Over the past few months I have been constantly moving things around in the studio.

During this ongoing process of shifting things I dare say the CD’s have got dizzy – they more than anything have been without a permanent resting place. To free up at least some space toward the end of last year I went through the CD collection eliminating anything that I didn’t listen to anymore. This didn’t really free up much space so I took a leap into the 21st century, invested in an MP3 and began putting my CD’s onto it. I absolutely love it . . . and the amount of space it has freed up.

As I have been transferring the music over I have tried to be strict with what I include. On occasion I have found that some music jarrs with me and disturbs my concentration while other music distracts me by bringing up a picture in the mind’s eye. I listen to Rock and Jazz but mostly Classical and often think that there is a two way relationship between mood and music. On one day the music might influence my mood and on another my mood determines my choice of music.

Research suggests that music has a positive effect on the brain. In her book ‘The Power of Music‘ Elena Mannes states that “Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function” . Interest in this area has led to the emergence of neuromusicology – the scientific study of the effects of music on the brain.

And to keep the dopamine release going in my brain, If I could only choose one composer to keep on my MP3 it would have to be Mozart.

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  1. Haha. Sound and vision made me think that you were going to mention the David Bowie song, but that one would probably be too distracting. 🙂

    I must admit, when I went to night art classes for the first time earlier in the year, I really liked it when the tutor put on some music while we were drawing or painting. But it did have to be fairly quiet, gentle music.

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      Hi Chris, I am a big fan of Bowie and I have a quote of his on my studio wall which I will use in a future blog.His creativity and ability to reinvent were huge so I think this title must have snuck in subliminally.

  2. I was going to say something like Chris said, I was looking for the Bowie reference! I most always need music when painting, it often leads my creative journey! I love your painting, by the way, it’s very soothing!

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