Shine On

‘The Cast’
8″ x 10″
Oil on Panel
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North Norfolk Studios is underway and we have been so lucky that it has coincided with the beginning of some glorious weather . . . at last. The footfall is rather erratic though – I think due to a pent up desire of people to get over to the coast just 9 miles down the road.

As I continue to alternate between tight and lose paintings it has been interesting to gauge visitors reactions to both styles and of course some prefer lose and some prefer tight. Whilst Sally Forth which is tight sold at the IEA open exhibition last week the lose paintings such as ‘The Cast’ above has also been well received as have, I’m delighted to report, my landscapes.

So I have concluded that the way forward for me is to continue to alternate between the two styles. Painting with both approaches seems to benefit the opposite style and I guess this is mostly to do with changing the way that I am looking at and responding to the subject matter. In turn embracing both styles will hopefully nurture both the pocket and the soul.

As not everyone will be able to get to my Open Studio I will begin to make these paintings available online beginning this evening and posting regularly as and when I get the opportunity.

All the best


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  1. Love this painting, and the harmony of the blues and orange. As always the name makes it too. I see the painting in a different light once I’ve read the name. 🙂

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