Sally Forth

Sally Forth
8″ x 20″
Oil on Linen

A belated Happy New Year. Here’s hoping that this post finds you safe and well.

Like most people I’m looking forward to getting to the the other side of this pandemic. There are reasons to take heart and be optimistic even if it means being in lockdown a while longer. Vaccines are on the way and hopefully in a couple of months the world will look a rosier place.

With that in mind I am hoping that a joint exhibition, with Landscape Painter Vanda Richards, that I am working on will go ahead. It will include the painting Sally Forth (above) a series of similar works on this panoramic format.

Entitled ‘HABITATS’ the exhibition reflects on our experiences in Norfolk during the turbulent times of the pandemic. Confined to our homes during lockdown, whether we regarded them as prisons or fortresses, we spent prolonged periods with our possessions. During this time we may have viewed belongings from a different perspective. Then we were finally released from lockdown we realised our yearning to get outside into wide open spaces and amongst nature. There was the thrill of freedom and wonderment at the natural world which we had taken for granted for so long. This exhibition explores the intimate through Still Life and the expansive through Landscapes and Seascapes. Details below:

Exhibition ‘Habitats’
Holt Festival 2021
The Venue Holt
Kerridge Way, Holt NR25 6DN
Saturday 24th July – Sunday 8th August

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