On Cloud Nine

Holkham Bay Receding Tide
8.5 ” x ” 16
Oil on Panel

As a child I remember laying flat on my back making out the shapes of faces and animals in the clouds as they passed by overhead. As they traveled on their way the wind would change the shapes of the clouds and what I had imagined was an old man with a beard would morph into a squirrel with a bushy tail.

And some years later when I saw clouds from above for the first time from an aeroplane. I was completely awestruck by the miles of pure white puffs of what looked like cotton wool. It seemed so inviting that surely you could go and walk on them.

What exactly are clouds? Well they are a visible mass of liquid water droplets or crystals. The droplets are so small that 100 million can fit into a cubic metre of air. When the droplets combine they form clouds and cumulus clouds can weigh up to 500 tonnes! Because the water droplets are so tiny and spread out they stay afloat as a cloud. When the droplets in the cloud fuse together and they become larger droplets or crystals, these droplets can become too heavy and so they fall out of the sky as rain. There you go you’ll never think of rain in the same way again now.

Here along the coast we are blessed with weather conditions and big skies that often create great drama and its a wonderful challenge to capture this in paint.

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  1. Gorgeous clouds. Thanks for the explanation of how they are formed too!

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