New King James Version


Words of Christ in Red
6″x 6″
Oil on Panel

More wretched root canal treatment and associated maladies have contrived to prevent me from working consistently hence an absence of posts here on my blog. The good news is that there is a distant glimmer of light at the end of the very long tunnel that is the treatment to my teeth – we should be done by the spring – Thank Heavens.

There is often a positive side to a set back (such as this kerfuffle with my teeth). While not working consistently on finished paintings I have been working on more compositions and doing endless colour mixing with new colours. The upside of this is that I have made interesting discoveries that perhaps I wouldn’t had I not stopped working on finished pieces. I’ll be putting these to use over the coming weeks in these small (very affordable) daily paintings and larger pieces that I am beginning to work on for the Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios and Holt Festival.

I have also changed my brushes, reverting back to Rosemary Ivory brushes that I used a few years back which enable me to load and place more paint. I love these and you might be able to see the difference in the end result in the painting above.

Books are fun to work with and I played with the composition for this for ages – Experimenting from different angles and with various size and colour books along with my new red cornishware mug. I settled on these two books above and it wasn’t until I got underway that I realised the maroon book was the New King James Version of the Bible with the words ‘Words of Christ in Red’ printed in gold on the spine glinting at me . . . seemed a fitting title.

Number 22 in the Paintathon

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