Hello Petal

8″ x 10″
Oil on Linen

God willing the North Norfolk Studios event will be going ahead as we now have less than 2 weeks to go before the start date and today the Government have followed through on their plans to relax covid restrictions further. All of the artists that I have spoken to who are involved in the event are really looking forward showing their work and once again engaging with the public in their studios. Its been a busy time organising things here at home clearing the studio, doing promo and of course painting.

I have been alternating with the tight painting – loose painting idea. Above and below are a couple of examples. Both paintings will be available during Open Studios.

Happy Daffs
8″ x 8″
Oil on Panel

Generally the tighter work is either on canvas or linen where the ‘tooth’ in the weave of the fabric affords me more control over the brushstrokes while the looser paintings are on much slipperier (apparently that is a word) gessoed panels. In the next blog post I’ll include some examples of loose work on canvas. I’m still not entirely confident with my loose work and having had ‘Sally Forth‘ accepted in this years Annual Open Exhibition of the Institute of East Anglian Artists I’m still hedging my bets with tighter work . . . but that’s me being chicken. What I of course should have done was entered both a lose and a tight piece of work into the exhibition.

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  1. Lovely paintings, Nicholas. I especially love the one at the top: the colour palette, the lost edge between the shadow and the wall, and the interesting negative space the shadow contributes to at the bottom.

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