Better Late Than Never

Trapped Toms
6″ x 6″
Oil on Canvas

Here is another of my smaller more painterly pieces currently in my Open Studio Exhibition. Its in a lovely little floating frame that I think works really well.

This spring has been crazy. The consistent morning frosts throughout April made it the ‘Frostiest’ April on record only to be followed by the wettest May on Record. I am usually painting Oxeye Daisies at this time of year but I haven’t seen a single daisy so far this spring, everything seems to be about a month late in the garden and out in the fields. Anything that had just managed to flower in my garden has been eaten by Muntjac deer. All those lovely flowers that I had seeded, planted out, nurtured and planned to paint have been lost. I need to rethink my next series of work.

Hello flaming June? Well maybe things are looking up – Its lovely and sunny and for the first time this year I have this morning seen Dragonflies, Mayflies and Damselflies on our early morning walk along the river . . . BLTN

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