Back to the Future

Across the Fields
7″x 5″
Oil on Linen

Although this painting is for sale now I will be including it in a series of paintings in our exhibition ‘Habitats‘ during the Holt Festival in July.

I have been enjoying the challenge of painting more landscapes – both large and small. This little fellow was an experiment in composition. Rather than a landscape format I have opted for portrait and centred the point of interest – breaking a rule. On a larger picture plane I don’t think that this would work but I’m happy with the result on this scale . . . Here it is in its frame I think it works?

I have been reading numerous books on landscape painting. One of the most influential is Edgar Payne’s Composition of Outdoor Painting. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who earnestly wants to paint landscapes. First published in 1941 some may consider Payne’s offering old school but the fundamental principals of great painting never go out of fashion, one only has to look at Payne’s own work to see that it more than stands the test of time.

In one of his introductory chapters he writes . . . “No one is on the road to success until he feels at times that he is entirely beaten” . . . I’ve been there so understandably I take great encouragement from that! As so often is the case we take so much from the past into our future.

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