Nicholas Elliott

In 2000 Nicholas sold out of his marketing company in London to pursue a career in Art. He lived cheaply in India and Spain where he taught himself to paint in oils. He returned to the UK in 2004 and moved to Somerset where he took part in local and regional art shows and exhibitions.

In 2008 following a very successful exhibition in London’s Cork Street Mayfair he gained London Gallery representation. With a reliable outlet for his work he moved to France in 2010 transforming an old barn into a dream studio where he worked until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. This forced him to sell up in France and return to the UK for major surgery

The psychological effects of life changing cancer and subsequent reconstructive surgery stalled ‘Nicholas’s work and he settled in North Norfolk for recuperation and convalescence. A growing faith strengthened his resolve and he has gradually begun to produce more paintings.

“My heightened awareness of my own mortality and increased appreciation of creation is what drives my work. Noticing things that perhaps I didn’t notice before and seeing something that I want others to see – be that in still life, landscape or floral subjects – is my artistic goal. I am all the happier if I am able to inject beauty into a world with its fair share of troubles.

I subscribe to the belief that composition is key to a successful painting and I often spend almost as much time on this as I do actually painting! My execution, varies from lose and painterly to a tighter depiction depending on how I think best to render my ideas on the subject.”

Nicholas Elliott

Nicholas is an Associate Member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA) and a Trail Coordinator of the North Norfolk Open Studios. He regularly posts and sells small paintings from his website www.nicholaselliott.co.uk and larger work at exhibitions.